Safety at YMCA Camp Piomingo is the number one priority.

All campers take a swim test on Sunday evening or Monday morning and are given a swim band so our lifeguards can see the swimming level of each camper.

All campers and staff participate in an orientation on camp rules, expectations, traditions, etc. on Sunday.  This is a fun but serious time and helps set the tone for the campers’ experience.

All camp counselors are hired based on their strong character. Once hired, after rigorous interviews and background checks, they take part in a week-long training course, which focuses on putting our campers and guests first. All counselors are trained in CPR, first aid and emergency procedures to ensure the safest environment for your child. Counselors also learn about child development, risk management, behavioral management, dealing with homesickness, facilitation of program areas and much more.

We strive to maintain a 4-to-1 camper-to-staff ratio. Supervision of campers at all times is our top priority. All campers are taught the truddy system and are not allowed to move around the camp alone.

YMCA Camp Piomingo is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), a nationally recognized program that focuses on camp quality, health and safety issues. The ACA conducts an annual review of all aspects of our operations. Please learn more about ACA here.

YMCA Camp Piomingo features a well-equipped health center with a registered nurse and certified medical staff on-site 24 hours a day. All staff and campers must have their current medical history on file in the health center. Our medical staff takes care of all camper and staff medical needs, including medication management. All medical forms are completed prior to campers coming onsite and all medication is checked in with our medical staff during camper check in.