Something New Everyday

  • 7:00am   Wake Up
  • 8:00am   Breakfast
  • 9:15am     Skills Clinic (chosen by camper)
  • 12:00pm  Lunch
  • 1:00pm    Rest Hour
  • 2:00pm   Group Activities (chosen by cabins)
  • 4:30pm   Swimming
  • 6:00pm   Dinner
  • 7:00pm   Unit Time
  • 8:00pm   Evening Activity (rotates daily)
  • 10:00pm Showers, prepare for bed
  • 11:00pm  Lights Out



As part of a camper’s experience, they will have the opportunity to choose activities during the morning hours. Clinics are progressive areas that throughout the week (Tuesday through Thursday) will build on the previous day’s skills to build skills in specialty areas. Choices are made on Monday after they get to view each program areas “commercial” performed by staff. Friday’s are reserved for “Fantastic Fridays” where counselors create fun clinics not offered the rest of the week.

Group Activities:

As a cabin group, our campers and counselors have the opportunity to create their own afternoon schedules based off the availability of our program areas. Each program area does have an age requirement, which is why our programs are age specified.  All schedules will be created and marked on our giant dry erase board (the Behemoth!) on display at our Program Office. Please note swim time and trail rides are the only scheduled activities for our cabins.

Unit Time:

All cabins are located in units specified for that particular program. This time allows for cabins to spend with their unit as a whole around the campfire, playing team games, or creating fun new cheers and chants to be heard throughout camp.

Evening Activities:

Each evening has a special time for campers to come together as a camp and participate in different activities until the sun goes down! We are on a rotating schedule so each week the activities change allowing a variety of sorts for all campers.