Please note that what is listed below is a tentative schedule and is subject to change depending on the program or the week.


3:00      Camper check in at Dining Hall

4:30      Swim tests (times will vary by cabin/unit)

5:50      Flag Lowering

6:00      Dinner

7:00      Unit orientation/clinic commercials for Pioneers & Explorers

8:30      Opening Campfire

10:30    Taps Talk

11:00    Lights Out


7:50     Flag raising

8:00     Breakfast

8:30     Cabin clean up

9:00     Block 1 (Barn for Equestrians)

10:00   Block 2 (Barn for Equestrians / Clinics Mon – Thurs)

11:00   Block 3 (Barn for Equestrians / Clinics Mon – Thurs)

12:00   Lunch

1:00     Rest Hour

2:00     Block 4

3:00     Block 5

4:00     Block 6

5:00     Block 7

5:50     Flag Lowering

6:00     Dinner (Cook out on Tuesdays)

7:00     Cabin meeting

7:30     Evening Activity (Friday: times vary)

9:00     Showers (schedule varies by cabin)

10:30   Taps Talk

11:00   Lights Out


7:00      Luggage run

8:00      Breakfast

8:45      Camper check out at Pavilion



Available only in the Pioneer and Explorer programs, clinics are a camper’s opportunity to choose activities during the morning hours. Clinics are progressive areas that throughout the week (Monday through Thursday) will build on the previous day’s skills to build skills in specialty areas. Choices are made on Sunday after they get to view each program areas “commercial” performed by staff.  Clinics are offered on a rotating basis, so the same clinics are not offered all 8 weeks of camp.  We also try our best to assign each camper to their top choice, but we cannot guarantee that they will get their #1 choice, which is why we have them rank 5 choices.

Friday’s are reserved for “Fantastic Fridays” where counselors create fun clinics not offered the rest of the week.  All programs participate in Fantastic Friday.


As a cabin group, our campers and counselors travel around to the different program areas each afternoon.  Each program area does have an age requirement, which is why our camp programs are age specific and why not every camper will be able to do every program area.

Cabin meeting:

This time allows for cabins to spend time debriefing the day, hanging around the campfire, playing team games, or creating fun new cheers and chants to be heard throughout camp.

Evening Activities:

Each evening has time for campers to come together as a unit or as a whole camp and participate in different activities until the sun goes down! We are on a rotating schedule so each week the activities change allowing for a variety of activities for all campers.